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It's mid January in Chicago, so its cold as hell. Not much wrenching happens in the garage when its 20 degrees but, we have whipped out the dice. Not sure who the winner was, pretty sure we are all losers... Gotta keep form for rally season. Photo credit to Josan's instagram where you will find 6 more copies of the same exact picture.

Earlier in the day, I think, Josan came over and timed Adam's newport. 5 min of work and it was running again. Not sure what Adam was doing and I'm not sure he does either. #noobwatch2013

So the Vikings lost to the Packers last Saturday and although I'm sad that the season is over, it also means that my newfound boredom on the weekends will result in more time spent in the garage. Case and point, this project:

This is Kim's Magnum, which used to have a za-50 on it. Now it has a E50 with 72cc Arisal kit, 21mm Dellorto PHBG and a awesome hacked up estoril pipe. Engine was rebuilt a while back by Noel of the Cranks and now it will be Kim's to enjoy.

Almost forgot! Steve, my tuning assistant, liked this build so much he decided he wanted to pose with it. Without further adieu...
Thats all for now. Going to try to fully tune this magnum on Saturday since its forecasted to be in the 50s. Also helping Sarah put her topend back on her freespirit after the kind gentlemen at M.O.P.E.D fixed a stripped cylinder stud hole thingy. who knows who else may come by and what weird shit may happen.

Until next time...

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